BOT PROJECTS: Actobotics Runt Rover™ Bogie Project – Part II

From: ServoCity Actobotics Runt Rover™ Bogie This awesome little crawler is a lot of fun.  When I pumped up the Volts… it really scoots! Project Plan: Full RC & Autonomous Rover Build Status JulAug Issue: Full 6WD RC Ready Bogie! Next Steps: Microcontroller. Reader Input: I will do my utmost to make progress on this project by next issue ... Read More »

BOT TOOLS: Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit v3.2 with Arduino


From: Sparkfun Most robot projects wind up with an RC aspect to them but once a robot is fully functional… it comes time to provide not only the possibility of autonomy but also the addition of sensors and other accessories which requires a microcontroller.  Arduino is one of the popular platforms out there on the market so we have our basic ... Read More »

BOT PROJECTS: Tetrix Prime Project – Part II


From: Pitsco Education Pitsco Education TETRIX Robotics TETRIX PRIME Robotics The next step was supposed to be to add the microcontroller and advanced mechanisms.  Well… I got to part of that.  I decided, with this one (as well as the TETRIX MAX Project) that the first step was to make the platform fully four wheel drive so that part has ... Read More »

EDITOR'S BENCH: RoboClaw 2x5A Motor Controller

  From: Servo City Made by ION Motion Control and used in the Robot Magazine Runt Rover Bogie Project to control it’s motors. RoboClaw 2x5A Motor Controller Thanks ServoCity! Read More »

LERN: Robot Arm Powered By Man’s Imagination

A novel system allows Erik G. Soto to control a robotic arm using the power of his imagination. (Photo credit: Spencer Kellis/Caltech)

Researchers at Caltech, the University of South Carolina and Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center have developed a better a neural prosthetic system that offers smoother movement of a prosthetic limb than previous devices that controlled by the thoughts of the user. What makes this system unique is that was implanted in a region of the brain where intentions are made, ... Read More »



From: VEX Robotics VEX Robotics VEX EDR Platform Ok… this one is really fun to drive!  It looks so tough cruising around and sounds even better! Project Plan: This kit comes as what VEX Robotics calls a “Clawbot”. Having built one Clawbot from scratch and having repaired one that managed to get damaged in all it’s Robot Magazine endeavors, I ... Read More »



From: Pitsco Education Pitsco Education TETRIX Robotics TETRIX MAX Robotics Ok… The next step was supposed to be to add the microcontroller and advanced mechanisms.  Well… I got to part of that.  I decided that the first step was to make the platform fully four wheel drive (with the idea that at some point we might want to put off ... Read More »

EDITOR'S BENCH: Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano


From: Robotshop & Lynxmotion This little gem is designed as a MultiRotor controller but it has many of the necessities of a standard ground robot as well. One of these will be used in a Robot Magazine Test Build of the new HQuad 500 Quadrotor coming from Robotshop and we are working with Robotshop to get the necessary information to ... Read More »

A Smaller Makey Makey

Use anything conductive as a button with the single-input Makey Makey Go. (Photo credit:

You probably remember the original Makey Makey as the device that made computing hilarious because it lets you use anything conductive as a button. The new Makey Makey Go now brings that same hilarity to a smaller format. Designed by PhDs from MIT, the device is small enough to fit on a keychain and very easy to use. It plugs ... Read More »

A Sturdy Set of Extra Hands

This 4-arm Helping Handing system comes with a 5x Magnifying Glass. (Photo credit: BadgerFly Products.)

Robot builders know how hard it can be two solder together wires and other small items without burning yourself. For that, everyone needs a good set of helping hands. No, not your brother’s appendages! I’m talking about hands that come with alligator clips and don’t care how hot a component gets! BadgerFly product’s deluxe model ($74.00) features four adjustable arms ... Read More »

Developing a Nursing Robot for Ebola Patients

This pulse xenon UV disinfection robot can kill c.diff in five minutes. Motion sensors guard the door while it cleans. (Photo courtesy of Xenex.)

Researchers at Oregon State University‘s Ebola Treatment Unit have been testing a Baxter robot to see how it might perform as a nurse. Let’s just say, hospital staff shouldn’t fear for their jobs just yet. A video uploaded by the team shows the robot as it is remotely guided by humans. While the robot is able to pick up tweezers ... Read More »

Pi-Based Tiddlybot Follows and Draws Lines

The Tiddlybot is a Raspberry Pi powered robot that can follow lines and draw. (Photo credit: Pibot Team.)

Tiddlybot is an easy-to-build robot that can connect to any smartphone, tablet or PC that supports HTML. Run it as a remote controlled toy, or program it using a custom Blockly interface. The robot features two servos, line sensors and multicolored LEDs. There’s even a spot to fit a marker, so your robot can draw. The basic edition costs just ... Read More »

LERN: Project Using Drones to Assess Farmland Wins $100K

A new project at MIT will use drones to monitor crops. Known as RaptorMaps, the project involves flying drones over farmland collecting images to track crop health and hopefully boost yields. “We are making drones to feed the world,” said Forrest Meyen, a PhD student in aeronautics and astronautics and part of the RaptorMaps team. By analyzing the images collected ... Read More »