MIT Robot Hand Adds Fingers

4 Stirring

A robot hand developed at MIT adds two fingers to the operator's wrist. Each finger has three degrees of freedom (3DOF). The extended wrist helps users perform a variety of tasks from eating and drinking to writing. Read More »

LS3 Robot Mule from Boston Dynamics in Testing

Meeting LS3: Marines experiment with military robotics

Lance Cpl. Brandon Dieckmann, infantryman with India Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, and native of Las Vegas, leads the Legged Squad Support System (LS3) at a Kahuku, Hawaii, training area, July 12, 2014, during the Rim of the Pacific 2014 exercise. Read More »

NEWS: Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan, for an Unforgettable Dinner Experience

5. RobotRestaurant, Tokyo

It's not just the food that impresses at the Robot Restaurant! The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, is sure to provide an unforgettable dinner experience, with unbelievable robotics action happening all around you. Read More »

EVENT: Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo


Las Vegas Convention Center September 11-12 Las Vegas, NV: The Nevada Unmanned Systems Business Expo will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 11-12. It will showcase the incredible opportunities available in commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones), and give enthusiasts the tools and information needed to become a part of this groundbreaking industry. Speakers, subject matter experts, industry ... Read More »

Diverse UAV Designs! Which is your favorite?

1. AFRL_survivable_HAE

As a treat for our readers, the editors of ROBOT have provided a gallery of unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV design concepts that represent the latest advances in what we regard to be beautiful, high-tech aviation. Notably, a common theme that catches the eye dominates these designs--the flying wing. To visit the gallery, please click here. Read More »

NEWS: SupraPed “Transformer” Robots

4. supraped

Shu-Yun Chung is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, and you won't believe how cool his latest supraped research is! One type of supraped is a humanoid that can morph into a quadraped by using poles similar to ski poles to augment stability during bipedal locomotion. Find out more by clicking here. Read More »

NEWS: 60 Foot Gundam Robot Planned for Tokyo!

A towering Gundam robot  will be built in Tokyo.

Gundam humanoid robot will tower over downtown Tokyo! The 60-foot robot originally conceived by Yoshiyuki Tomino in the "Mobile Suit Gundam" anime series in 1979 will soon be staring down at the citizens of Tokyo, and it will have some movement capabilities. Click here to learn more! Read More »

NEWS: BAE Sees Self-Healing Aircraft in our Future

1. BAE5

Will aircraft repair themselves in flight in the foreseeable future? According to BAE, the answer is yes. The sequence in this post shows self-healing using the "Survivor" System described by BAE. Read More »

NEWS: NASA Announces Winners of Hurricane-Tracking Design Contest

A team of students from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in Blacksburg captured first place in NASA's University Aeronautics Design Challenge with its proposal for the "Gobble Hawk".

Three winning student-created designs for tracking data on Hurricanes and associated weather systems were announced July 8 by NASA for the agency’s 2013-2014 University Aeronautics Engineering Design Challenge. Check out this report to learn the fascinating details! Read More »

NEWS: BAE Predicts Aircraft Transformers


'Transformer Aircraft Predicted! BAE (British Aerospace Engineering) believes future drones will fly as a single aircraft, split into parts to perform various sorties, then reassemble into a single platform to fly home. Check out this amazing report! Read More »

NEWS: British Aerospace Engineering (BAE) Futuristic UAV Concepts

WP1. Gizmag 512 pixels

The Ultimate Adaptable Task Force. BAE engineers recently speculated that 3D printers may be so advanced by 2040 that small unmanned aircraft could be created on demand, in whatever numbers needed, for enduring wide area surveillance or pinpoint search and rescue. Moreover, the aircraft could include “dissolving circuit boards” that would self destruct as needed, for the “ultimate adaptable task ... Read More »

NEWS: Amazing Robotis Initiatives!

The DARwin MINI. The MINI is smaller than the original DARwin-OP humanoid and is designed to be simple to build and operate.

ROBOTIS Pioneers Exciting New Robotics Initiatives! ROBOTIS is roaring forward with powerful initiatives and technology that show it to be a strong market leader in humanoids and STEAM education. This is a “must read” – you will be nothing less than astounded when you see these advances! The information in this report was provided by longstanding contributor and humanoid expert, Lem Fugitt. Image of the DARWIN-MINI courtesy of Lem Fugitt and, photographed at the recent MakerCon Maker Faire. Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Hammerhead Underwater Rover Prototype


This prototype amphibious rover was created by RC Driver editor David Baker for an RC Truck special issue (a sister Maplegate publication). The article contains interesting setup techniques, and tips and tricks that we wanted to share with readers of Robot. If you are considering a similar project, this article, published in our July-August 2014 issue, will speed your success! ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Robotics Summer Camps Part II

2. summercamp01

DIY and MAKE movements are growing rapidly and much of this activity is being used in summer camps like those at the University of Dallas (UT Dallas). This summer high school students will be building a solar car, developing multirotor robots and putting sensors and processors into model rockets. In this feature story in the July-August 2014 issue, Dr. Kenneth ... Read More »



Today we are seeing fantastic and even startling developments in the field of educational robotics. Emerging programs and competitions are directed at elementary, high school and college-level students and at hobbyists of all ages. The J-Bot is a great platform for the hobbyist or student. It is an autonomous wheeled vehicle equipped with the Arduino Romeo control board and an ... Read More »